Meet JD Roberto, Your Always Inspiring DailyBurn 365 Host

JD Roberto DailyBurn 365 Host
Photo: Courtesy of JD Roberto

Hey, DB Fam: JD Roberto is a man you’re gonna want to know. The former host of The Better Show, one-time stuntman, Emmy nominee, husband and father has just signed on to be your number one motivator. As host of our brand-new daily live show, DailyBurn 365, JD will be your fearless leader, in your corner cheering you on — no matter what your starting point is. Together, you’ll power through 30-minute workouts that combine mobility, stability, cardio and strength, all led by our elite group of 365 trainers.

Missed your morning coffee? You can count on JD for your daily dose of inspiration, healthy tips and mantras to help you start strong — and finish stronger. Learn more about the host, his fit family faves, and how he has overcome his own challenges below.

On His Favorite Healthy Meal: “Breakfast. Don’t skip it! Every day I’ll have egg whites, veggies and chicken breast. It’s so important to start your day with a solid dose of protein.”

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On His Former Career: “Because I was a stuntman in my 20’s and 30’s, I got away with doing very little exercise and eating whatever I wanted. I wish I had taken better care of myself, though — it would have made turning 40 easier.”

On Hosting 365: “I love that I get to be part of people taking charge of their health and changing their lives. I’m inspired by the idea that we’re doing something important together every day. I’m also — a bit selfishly — stoked to work out with some of the best trainers in the world.”

On Why He Works Out: “I want to age well. I don’t mind getting older, but I do mind feeling older. I’ve got a nine-year-old son with a ton of energy who loves sports and running around — and I’ve got to keep up with him while also setting an example. Now he comes running with me sometimes, which I’m really proud of.”

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On His Current Playlist: “I have everything from Fall Out Boy to Broadway musicals on my iPhone, plus a little Macklemore, a little Springsteen, then some Regina Spektor — it’s a bizarrely eclectic list.”

On Family Fitness: “There’s nothing better than taking a family walk. Any night the weather permits, after the homework is done and the dishes are clean, we go out for a little bit. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, it’s to spend time as a family and stretch our legs together.”

On Overcoming Challenges: “Consistency is the biggest challenge for everyone. It’s easy to get up and get on your feet once, but the challenge is to make it part of your everyday life. That’s the difference between a whim and a commitment.”

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On His Must-Do Move: “If I only have five minutes, I’m doing a plank. Not only is it effective in short bursts, but it also doesn’t require any equipment. Plus, you’re close to the ground if you get tired and want to take a nap!”

On Post-Workout Fuel: “I’m on the chocolate milk bandwagon after workouts. Protein and a dash of sugar — yum!”

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