10 Healthy Ramen Recipes to Hit the Spot This Winter

10 Healthy Ramen Recipes to Hit the Spot This Winter

Chicken noodle soup and turkey bean chili might rank up there with heartwarming winter comfort foods. But nothing can hit the spot quite like a steaming bowl of ramen soup. This delicious Japanese dish is traditionally made with Chinese wheat noodles, and has a meat- or fish-based broth. On top of most ramen recipes, you’ll often find chopped pork, nori (dried seaweed), sprouts, corn, a boiled egg and scallions. (Cue: worldwide ramen obsession.)

If you can’t swing a trip to Sapporo, though, you’ll want to avoid the instant ramen cups from the grocery store. (Having flashbacks to college? Us, too.) The broth is often high in sodium with an upwards of 875 mg per serving, and teaming with preservatives. But that’s where your #adulting cooking skills come in! Thanks to these easy ramen recipes loaded with crunchy veggies and hearty protein combos, you can finally get your noodle fix at home. While traditional ramen recipes can take longer to prepare, these options range from beginner to pro, so you can find the perfect bowl to slurp your way to warmth.

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10 Easy Ramen Recipes You Can Make at Home

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Sesame Shrimp Ramen Recipe

1. Sesame Shrimp Ramen

You’ll still get your noodle fix, even though this recipe is more of a stir-fry than a true ramen bowl. Crunchy greens, like scallions and bean sprouts, pair perfectly with scrumptious shrimp. Shrimp delivers essential iron to help you power through the rest of your week. Photo and recipe: Dana Sandonato / Killing Thyme

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Shoyu Vegetable Ramen Recipe

2. Shoyu Vegetable Ramen

A step beyond the traditional miso ramen, this version is immensely flavorful with black garlic oil. It features shiitake mushrooms, collard greens, ginger and a perfectly soft-boiled egg. Translation: Prep this for your next dinner date to seriously impress. Garnish with sliced scallions, and for extra flare, add a dash of furikake seasoning, which includes sesame seeds and chopped seaweed. Fun fact: Those ocean greens will give you a larger dose of vitamin C than an orange! Photo and recipe: Mackenzie Luttrell / Feast + Fable

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Ramen with Broiled Lobster and Squid Ink Broth Recipe

3. Ramen with Broiled Lobster and Squid Ink Broth

This fancy recipe definitely requires some kitchen expertise, but who doesn’t love a challenge? Buttery lobster tails and salty ramen noodles come together beautifully in this gourmet dish. The recipe calls for three pork neck bones to prepare the bone broth from scratch, but that’s not available to you, you can use store-bought chicken or beef stock instead. You can purchase squid ink paste in the seafood section of your grocery; you can ask the fish monger to help point you in the right direction. Finish your bowl off with red chili flakes, scallions and rich smoked, salted egg yolk shavings. Photo and recipe: Marvellina Goh / What to Cook Today

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Healthy Ramen Recipes: Spicy Thai Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ramen Recipe

4. Spicy Thai Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Ramen

Pumpkin is not what you’d expect in your typical ramen, but it gives this dish a delicious and comforting twist. And if you’ve never explored Thai ingredients like red curry paste, fish sauce, soy sauce, chili and coconut milk before, prepare for a flavorful heat you’ll crave. Make it a complete meal by adding protein-packed shredded chicken. Photo and recipe: Jessica Randhawa / Coffee and Crayons

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Carrot Noodle Vegetarian Ramen Recipe

5. Carrot Noodle Vegetarian Ramen

Vegetable noodles are a great way to cut carbs and add fiber without eliminating flavor. In fact, veggie lovers will swoon over the heavy-handed inclusion of bok choy, broccolini, mushrooms and onion. Cubes of tofu and cashews provide protein while keeping your bowl completely vegetarian. And surprise: health-boosting apple cider vinegar makes an appearance in the broth. Photo and recipe: Haley Hunt Davis, Brewing Happiness

Healthy Ramen Recipes: 15-Minute Chicken Ramen Recipe

6. 15-Minute Chicken Ramen

Some nights, you just need a recipe that takes minimal prep. Enter: this 15-minute chicken ramen recipe. Carrots, Swiss chard and bell peppers keep it simple with a satisfying crunch, while the soft-boiled egg makes the recipe heartier with more filling protein. Photo and recipe: Lorena Garcia / Green Healthy Cooking

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Healthy Ramen Recipes: Black Rice with Garlic and Matcha Chickpeas

7. Black Rice with Garlic and Matcha Chickpeas

Not only is this bowl gorgeous, it’s surprisingly simple to assemble. Featuring black rice noodles, which are naturally gluten-free and full of digestion-aiding fiber, this recipe is packed with more nutrition than the traditional noodle bowl. The matcha-garlic roasted chickpeas give the dish unique flare (antioxidants included!). Photo and recipe: Amy Sheree / Amy Sherree

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Spicy Beef Ramen Recipe

8. Spicy Beef Ramen

Spicy lean sirloin steak, shaved Brussels sprouts, chopped mushrooms and onions make this bowl bursting with hearty flavor. (Our advice: Skip the beef seasoning to make it even healthier.) Then, finish it off with a drizzle of Sriracha for extra heat and a hit of metabolism-revving capsaicin. Photo and recipe: Kellie Rice / Kellie Rice Cakes

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Healthy Ramen Recipes: Healthy Kimchi Ramen Salad Recipe

9. Healthy Kimchi Ramen Salad

If you’re bored with your usual all-green salad, this kimchi ramen bowl is just what you’re looking for. Kimchi is crazy-good for you, thanks to its beneficial gut-boosting lactobacilli bacteria. The Thai green curry sauce infuses this dish with spicy, mouthwatering flavor without actually using any broth. Photo and recipe: Florian Nouh / Contentedness Cooking

Healthy Ramen Recipes: Miso Ramen Soup With Pak Choi, Poached Egg and Crispy Shallots Recipe

10. Miso Ramen Soup With Pak Choi, Poached Egg and Crispy Shallots

This simple recipe relies on a miso broth that you can easily make at home. For all you newbie soup stars, miso is a protein-rich paste made with fermented soybean paste. It’s a good source of folic acid, B vitamins and vitamins E and K. It’s also the source of the subtle yet rich flavor of the broth. Add in pak choy, aka bok choy, a Chinese celery cabbage with chunky stalks and deep green leaves for some extra iron, potassium and magnesium. Don’t skip the crispy shallots if you want to achieve the full restaurant-quality effect. Photo and recipe: Sha Han Lee / Great British Chefs

Any delicious ramen recipes we missed? Share them in the comments below! 

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