8 Quick and Healthy Stir-Fry Recipes for Weeknight Dinners

8 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes for Healthy Weeknight Dinners

We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of a long week and you open the fridge to discover a mishmash of food…and no idea what to make for dinner. Enter: the stir-fry. Stir-fries are the ultimate kitchen sink dish because you can add whatever proteins or produce you have on hand. The result: A plate packed with fiber-rich vegetables and satisfying lean protein so you stay full longer.

Stir-frying is a Chinese cooking technique that uses very little oil to cook vegetables and meat over high heat. Traditionally made in a wok or large skillet, stir-fries cook up fast — up to 20 minutes at most. And they’re far from basic. These days you’ll see anything from cauliflower rice to sweet potato noodles and spicy quinoa pop up in recipes. Here are eight healthy and creative stir-fry recipes you can throw together in a flash.

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8 Quick and Healthy Stir-Fry Recipes

8 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes for Healthy Weeknight Dinners

1. Sesame Ginger Carrot Noodle Stir Fry
This vegetarian-friendly stir-fry is the perfect meatless Monday meal. Made with all the traditional Asian flavors, like soy sauce and ginger, you get the same mouthwatering and satisfying taste. Tofu provides lean protein, while carrot noodles offer a hefty dose of beta-carotene. Photo and recipe: Kristen Stevens / The Endless Meal

8 Quick Stir-Fries for a Healthy Weeknight Meal

2. Honey Lime Salmon Stir Fry with Soba Noodles
Use 100% buckwheat soba noodles and gluten-free soy sauce to keep this recipe completely celiac-friendly. The natural sweetness of honey pairs well with zesty lime and tangy ginger. Despite the soba noodles, this meal is light and healthy and packed with flavor so you don’t feel deprived. Photo and recipe: Erin / Meaningful Eats

8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

3. Peanut Sauce Stir Fry with Veggies and Cauliflower Rice
From pizza to mashed potatoes, cauliflower has been used as a substitute for a variety of carb-heavy dishes. Here it’s used to swap out white rice. Add in broccoli, purple cabbage, red bell pepper and carrots, and you have a colorful, antioxidant-rich dish. (Did we mention the de-licious homemade peanut sauce?) Photo and recipe: Gin / Eat Healthy, Eat Happy

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8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

4. Thai Style Pork and Broccolini Stir Fry
Paleo dieters will love this super-flavorful recipe. The stars: organic pork loin and broccolini cooked in a sweet, spicy and savory sauce. Note that Thai red peppers are very spicy, so you can substitute them for red bell peppers, or do without ’em. Broccolini is also a bit sweeter than regular broccoli, which can help tone down the heat, too. Photo and recipe: Lindsay Cotter / Cotter Crunch

8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

5. Gluten-Free Korean Glass Noodle Stir Fry
“Japchae” is a Korean sweet potato noodle stir-fry made with carrots, spinach, egg, mushrooms and bell peppers. When preparing the traditional dish, each vegetable is seasoned and stir-fried separately. But in this recipe, we cook most of the ingredients into one skillet. Want to add in a protein? Try bulgogi (Korean marinated meat) or opt for mushrooms, which have a meaty texture. Photo and recipe: Mia and Zoe / Sprinkle of Vanilla Sugar

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8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

6. Sweet and Spicy Quinoa Peanut Stir Fry
This Indian-inspired dish features quinoa, a vegetarian source of protein. It’s cooked in a saucepan over medium heat and seasoned with a melting pot of flavors, including turmeric, red chili, flakes, ground ginger, coconut sugar, sriracha and salted peanuts. Serve this side with chicken breast, salmon or shrimp for a lean, hearty dinner. Photo and recipe: Kristen / Moon and Spoon and Yum

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8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

7. Soba Noodle Stir Fry with Miso Gravy
Despite what you think, miso gravy is actually easy to prepare. It just takes mixing a few nutrient-dense ingredients together, including coconut oil, lemon juice, fresh ginger, sesame oil, garlic and maple syrup. For the stir-fry, you’ll love the combo of buckwheat soba noodles with Japanese eggplant and broccoli. Don’t forget the sprinkling of sesame seeds for an extra authentic feel. Photo and recipe: Allison Day / Yummy Beet

8 Quick Stir-Fries for Healthy Weeknight Meals

8. Asparagus Mushroom and Tofu Stir Fry
Bet you never thought to pair this trio together. The result: a quick and easy dish to add to your meatless recipe archive. Asparagus and mushrooms offer an exceptional amount of antioxidants and nutrients. Meanwhile mushrooms are one of the few natural food sources of vitamin D. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

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