10 Beat-the-Heat Summer Smoothie Recipes

10 Easy Summer Smoothie Recipes

It’s official: Summer’s in full swing — as are the heat and humidity that goes along with it. But chill out. Really. All you need to do is mix up one of these seasonally inspired smoothies for a cool treat that’s got major health benefits, too. Below are our favorite recipes, but feel free to tweak and add your own extras for your delicious summer sip.

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10 Healthy Summer Smoothie Recipes

Grape Berry Protein Smoothie

1. Grape-Berry Protein Smoothie
Sweet frozen grapes are an ideal complement to berries. Mix them together, and you’re in for an antioxidant-rich treat. Plus, when you blend grapes, you break down their skin, which further releases the fruit’s stores of vitamin C, manganese and potassium. Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by DailyBurn 

Peachy Green Smoothie

2. Peachy Green Protein Smoothie
While our recipe calls for frozen peaches, you may want to swap them out for fresh — they’re in season right now! And thanks to kale and ground flaxseed, you’ll get a solid hit of fiber and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by DailyBurn

Blueberry Mint Smoothie

3. Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie
There’s nothing better than mint to cool you down. Plus, this drink is packed with ultra-hydrating coconut water, antioxidant-rich blueberries and folate from kale leaves. Hot tip: Freeze the greens before blending so they mix more easily. Photo and Recipe: Caitlin / The Merrythought

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Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

4. Orange Creamiscle Protein Smoothie
Make believe you’re having dessert for breakfast with this ice cream-inspired drink. Just be sure to use calcium-fortified orange juice to get a solid hit of the mineral. And don’t forget two scoops of vanilla Fuel-6, which adds 25 grams of protein and makes this smoothie extra creamy. Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by DailyBurn

Mango Blueberry Smoothie

5. Mango-Blueberry Protein Smoothie
Mangoes and blueberries are like peas and carrots: great on their own, but even better together. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidants, while vitamin-packed blueberries have a powerhouse of phytonutrients, which help your body ward off diseases. Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by DailyBurn

paleo peach coconut smoothie

6. Paleo Peach Coconut Smoothie
Don’t let the short ingredient list fool you: This paleo-friendly smoothie is packed with nutritious goods. Full-fat coconut milk contains monounsaturated fats (which keep your heart in great shape), while peaches have folate, iron, zinc and copper. These two ingredients should make the smoothie sweet enough on its own, but add a dollop of raw, unfiltered honey if you disagree. Photo and Recipe: Lisa Wells / CookEatPaleo

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berrylicious smoothie

7. Berrylicious Smoothie
This simple smoothie is great for kids thanks to its basic ingredient list and sweet flavor. Frozen mixed berries serve as its base, while one banana adds depth of texture plus a wealth of potassium. Up the health benefits even more by choosing a fiber-enriched almond milk like this blogger did. Photo and Recipe: Stacey / GluedToMyCraftsBlog

Key Lime Protein Smoothie Recipe

8. Key Lime Pie Protein Shake
Imagine yourself on Key West, soaking up a sunset with a slice of fresh key lime pie. This smoothie is the next best thing — and for a whole lot less calories. (But alas, no sunset.) A dusting of graham cracker crumbs adds an extra hint of sweetness, and yes, that pie-like taste. Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life By DailyBurn 

Kale Avocado Smoothie

9. Kale Pineapple Avocado Protein Smoothie
Summery, tropical drinks: Delicious, but also seriously caloric. Get your piña colada fix with this smoothie, which is extra creamy thanks to avocado. A double dose of vanilla: in the protein powder and in the almond milk make this one extra sweet. Photo and Recipe: Dre / Delicious By Dre

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raspberry lemonade smoothie

10. Raspberry Lemonade Smoothie
While more decadent than most other smoothie recipes, this chilling concoction is amazing on hot, lazy summer days. If you want to lighten it up, swap out the sugar for an equal amount of stevia. All we need is a porch swing… Photo and Recipe: Sarah / High Heels and Grills

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