10 Homemade Snack Hacks to Satisfy Every Craving

10 DIY Snack Hacks to Satisfy Every Craving

Wandering mind, rumbling stomach, inability to focus? These distressing symptoms can only mean one thing: Snack attack! We’ve all been there: When your stomach grumblings turn into full-blown hanger and you need a little nosh, stat.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to snack smart. Instead of going HAM on your pantry every time a craving hits, hack your taste buds with these brilliant snack ideas. From Greek yogurt that tastes like cookie dough to healthy chocolate cake you can make in a microwave, we’ve rounded up ten delicious and sneakily good-for-you ideas for you to try.

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10 DIY Snack Hacks You Haven’t Tried Yet

Frozen Grapes: 10 DIY Snack Hacks to Satisfy Every Craving

1. The Craving: Something crunchy
Your Snack Hack: Low-calorie but high in vitamin K and fiber, frozen grapes are little nutritional powerhouses with a satisfying crunch. Best of all, they are ridiculously easy to “make.” Keep a stash in the freezer and you’ll be prepared for future snack emergencies. Photo: Allie / One-Handed Cooks

Easy Mini Tortilla PIzzas

2. The Craving: Something cheesy
Your Snack Hack: Indulging in gloriously greasy pizza doesn’t have to be a total calorie-bomb. Making DIY mini pies with tortillas will help you consume fewer carbs and keep a close eye on ingredients. (All you need is an oven and a muffin tin — no fancy pizza stone required.) You’re just 10 minutes away from gooey pizza goodness! Photo and recipe: Georgia / The Comfort of Cooking

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Greek Yogurt Cookie Dough

3. The Craving: Something sweet
Your Snack Hack: If you love cookies, listen closely. This one-minute recipe for cookie dough-flavored Greek yogurt will keep your sweet tooth in check. (Plus, it totally masks the ‘meh’ flavor of plain yogurt.) Pro tip: Freeze your dish for half an hour for a chill treat. Photo and recipe: Katie / Dashing Dish


DIY Popcorn Recipe Folding Technique

4. The Craving: Something salty
Your Snack Hack: You don’t need to rely on prepackaged microwave popcorn if you’re hankering for something hot and savory. Get kernels poppin’ without the hassle of a pan, thanks to this brilliant folding technique using a standard brown lunch bag. Top your bowl with nutritional yeast (find a how-to here) if you want a cheesy flavor sans dairy. Photos: Pond5 (top); Serious Eats (bottom) 

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Frozen Yogurt Covered Blueberries

5. The Craving: Something fruity
Your Snack Hack: A fiber-filled snack, these frozen yogurt-covered blueberries are much healthier than your average “yogurt”-covered raisins or pretzels. (Just because a label has the word “yogurt” on it, does not make it virtuous!) Most of those store-bought products have loads of added sugar in the coating. Photo and recipe: Corey / Family Fresh Meals

Apple Sandwiches

6. The Craving: Something nutty
Your Snack Hack: No crust, no problem when it comes to nut butter sammies. Make these apple-tastic sandwiches and you’ll have a sweet snack with fewer carbs. Sprinkle granola on the nut butter for an extra crunch. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn


7. The Craving: Something buttery
Your Snack Hack: Did you know your slow cooker can be used to prepare big batches of homemade Chex mix? Whip up this easy recipe over the weekend and bring it in your lunch box throughout the week. Each bite tastes buttery so a scant handful or two will quash your craving without overloading on fat. Photo and recipe: Ali / Gimme Some Oven

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Chocolate Strawberries Recipe

8. The Craving: Something chocolate
Your Snack Hack: Use an ice cube tray to make bite-sized chocolate snacks without monopolizing your freezer space. Try covering bananas or strawberries with melted chocolate and freezing them in a tray. (See here for a how-to.) You can pop out one or two cubes as a snack when you need a little something sweet. Photo and recipe: Haley / Cheap Recipe Blog

German Chocolate Protein Mug Cake Recipe

9. The Craving: Something cake-y
Your Snack Hack: Grab your favorite mug and make this chocolate protein mug cake recipe. It’s got plenty of chocolaty flavor but won’t leave you with a sugar high since it boasts lots of slow-burning fiber and protein, thanks to plant-based protein powder. You probably have all of the simple ingredients at home already, so you won’t even need to run out to the store — score! Photo and recipe: Lee Hersh / Life by Daily Burn

10. The Craving: Something cool and creamy
Your Snack Hack: Bananas are naturally sweet, and blending up frozen ‘naners is a genius way to mimic the creamy, frozen texture of regular ice cream. (It’s definitely not the same but don’t knock it ‘til you try it!) Try this easy recipe and thank us later. Video and recipe: Buzzfeed

Originally posted October 2015. Updated May 2016. 

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