8 Low-Sugar Smoothies to Get a Veggie Boost

8 Low-Sugar Smoothies to Get a Veggie Boost

A smoothie sounds like a perfectly healthy snack, right? It can be, yes, but that blended beverage might be hiding way more sugar than you’d expect. Need proof? Combine some greens with a handful of cherries, a cup of juice, plus a spoonful (or two) of honey and all of a sudden you’re looking at 69 grams of sugar! That’s the equivalent of three slices of apple pie or a 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola. And while fruit has natural sugars, sugar is sugar at the end of the day. To avoid the crash, sip on one of these veggie-packed, low-sugar smoothies instead.

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8 Low-Sugar Smoothies to Get in More Veggies

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie Recipe

1. Spinach and Kiwi Smoothie

Sick of salads, but your fridge is overloaded with leafy greens? Toss them into this chia-laced smoothie. Kiwi and banana counteract any of the veggie bitterness, and a spoonful of granola offers just enough crunch to make this smoothie feel more like a meal. Photo and recipe: Lucy Baker / Turnip the Oven

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Low-Sugar Smoothies: Power Fuel Green Smoothie Recipe

2. Power Fuel Green Smoothie

Not only is this vegetable smoothie low in sugar, it’s also loaded with anti-inflammatory (apples), iron-rich (spinach) and hunger-slaying (coconut oil) ingredients. Note that green apples are lower in sugar than the red ones, but have enough sweetness to cut through the bitterness of greens. Pair this green monster with a hard-boiled egg or Greek yogurt for a well-balanced breakfast or post-workout snack. Photo and recipe: Lindsay Cotter / Cotter Crunch 

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Low-Sugar Smoothies: Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl Recipe

3. Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Just when you thought cauliflower could only turn into rice, pizza crust and alternative mashed potatoes, think again! This blue-hued bowl is hiding cauliflower and zucchini for a treat that’s low in calories yet high in satisfaction.Photo and recipe: Deryn Macey / Running on Real Food

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Healthy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie Recipe

4. Healthy Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Citrus fruits are some of the lowest-sugar fruits you’ll find. In fact, one clementine has just seven grams of sugar. This creamsicle-inspired vegan smoothie gets a hint of nuttiness from unsweetened coconut milk and yogurt: Two ingredients that do an incredible job disguising the carrots blended into the mix. Low-sugar smoothies that taste as good as they look? Check and check. Photo and recipe: Sarah Jane Parker / The Fit Cookie

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Very Berry Beet Smoothie Recipe

5. Very Berry Beet Smoothie

This almond milk smoothie recipe balances out the bananas and berries with a cup of chopped beets. The vibrant, ruby-red root veggie offers 15 percent of your daily value of fiber — a dietary factor that has been shown to actually improve blood sugar levels. Since the fruit infuses this drink with natural sweetness, skip the added maple syrup or agave. Photo and recipe: Emilie Hebert / Emilie Eats

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Cucumber-Ginger Smoothie Recipe

6. Cucumber-Ginger Smoothie

Cucumbers are 96 percent water. That means it’s hydrating and low in sugar (just two grams in one cup of cucumber slices) all at once! Since ground ginger and lemon give this smoothie extra tartness, throw in a date or two to balance the flavors. Photo and recipe: Margaret Helthaler / Veggie Primer

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Avocado Smoothie with Coconut Milk, Ginger and Turmeric Recipe

7. Avocado Smoothie with Coconut Milk, Ginger, and Turmeric

Can you guess the superfood ingredient in this creamy smoothie? It has more potassium and less sugar than a banana: avocado! The high-fat nutrients from the avocado and coconut milk help make this smoothie approved in the ketogenic diet playbook. Ginger and turmeric offer cancer-fighting antioxidants, while adding some spice. Photo and recipe: Kim Hardesty / Low Carb Maven

Low-Sugar Smoothies: Fruit-Free Green Smoothie Recipe

8. Fruit-Free Green Smoothie

If you want to detox, this juice cleanse-level veggie smoothie boosts fiber intake, so you’ll feel full hours after drinking it. Made with cucumber, parsley, lemon, avocado, spinach and coconut water, this super-clean drink is just what you need to tame your sweet tooth. A handful of ice makes the texture rich and smoothie-like, while keeping the sugar stats low. Photo and recipe: Sonnet Lauberth / In Sonnet’s Kitchen 

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