9 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Meatless Monday

9 Healthy Dinner Recipes for Meatless Monday

If you’re convinced dinner just isn’t dinner without meat on the menu, know that going vegetarian just one day a week can have some seriously amazing health benefits. Numerous studies have shown that cutting back on meats, and adding more fruits, vegetables and whole grains to your diet can reduce your risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes. And when you’ve got options this tasty, why not? With this list of nine healthy dinner recipes, your meat-free meal planning just got a little easier.

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1. Asparagus, Mushroom and Tofu Stir-Fry Recipe
Requiring only 20 minutes of prep time, this stir-fry delivers a solid dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits with each bite. Don’t have asparagus or mushrooms in your fridge? No worries. You can substitute practically any veggie into this versatile meal.

Pasta Primavera
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2. Low-Carb Pasta Primavera with Pesto Recipe
This colorful plate of guilt-free pasta, made with low-carb noodles, is packed chock-full of broccoli, squash, zucchini, bell peppers and more. It’s topped off with a rich sunflower seed pesto that tastes positively sinful (while still being totally good for you).

Black Bean Burger
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3. Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers Recipe
Craving a burger? We’ve got your back. These black bean burgers will satisfy your hankering — while sparing you from the saturated fat sitting in most beef patties. Top it off with a whole-wheat bun and some juicy tomatoes. And why not add some rosemary beet chips while you’re at it?

Curry Vegetable Grain Bowl
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4. Curry Spice Vegetable and Grain Bowl Recipe
Flavor fiends will dig this Indian-spiced entree, which is chock-full of nourishing produce such as sweet potato, kale and avocado. Plus, the 12 grams of fiber packed into each serving will ensure you’ll leave the table fully satisfied.

Sweet Potato Kale Tacos
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5. Black Bean, Sweet Potato and Kale Taco Recipe
Who knew tacos could be this healthy? Filled with quinoa, kale and black beans, and flavored with chili powder and cumin, these tortilla-wrapped delicacies are sure to be your new go-to Mexican dish.

Kale Cauliflower Pasta
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6. Cauliflower and Kale Pasta Recipe
Two of your favorite veggies, packed into one delicious dinner? This bowl of pasta boasts nutrient-rich cauliflower and kale, kicked up with garlic, olives and sundried tomatoes. Plus, the quick prep time will ensure dinner will be on the table before you know it.

Sesame Tofu Macro Bowl
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7. Macro Bowl with Sesame Tofu Recipe
Following a plant-based macrobiotic diet all the time might be difficult for most, but trying it for just one meal is totally doable. This simple dinner combines macro favorites like seaweed, plus veggies including snow peas, broccoli and carrots, all mixed together in a delicious, protein-packed bowl.

Kale Salad
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8. Kale and Quinoa Superfood Salad Recipe
This hearty salad contains an ideal combination of protein, vitamins, antioxidants and fat. Chock-full of avocado, quinoa, mango and edamame, this super-filling option proves that salads can be more than a side dish at dinner. Want to experiment with a new dressing? Try one of these.

Asparagus Pita Pizza
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9. Asparagus Ricotta Pizza Recipe
Why save pizza for Friday nights? These mini works of art are fun for the whole family to make, and each person can customize their pie according to their own individual tastes. Who knows, asparagus may be your new favorite pizza topping.

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