How to Gear Up for Your Yoga Practice

While yoga requires less gear than other workouts, having the right mat, clothing and props can make all the difference in your workout. And as yoga evolves into a variety of practices — including faster forms of vinyasa that combine meditation with HIIT — you’ll need superior treads and a more reliable mat that flow hard right alongside you. Here are a few new yoga gear pieces to take your downward dog and headstands to greater heights.

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7 Yoga Gear Essentials to Enhance Your Practice

Yoga Gear: Lululemon Raise the Barre Tank
Photo: Courtesy of Lululemon

1. Best for Vinyasa Yoga: Lululemon Raise the Barre Tank ($68)

Whether you’re stretching into cobra or upward dog, this Lululemon tank includes a built-in bra to help you dive into each asana with ease. Made with Lululemon’s signature Luxtreme material (a sweat-wicking, four-way stretch fabric), it’ll keep you cool when you’re going hard on those side bends. We love how the top part is super-fitted so you can move with control, while the open back and bottom flares out to keep it lightweight and breathable.

Yoga Gear: Athleta Transcendence Sports Bra
Photo: Courtesy of Athleta

2. Best for Hot Yoga: Athleta Transcendence Bra ($49)

As those sun salutations get faster and the sweat starts dripping, you’ll be glad you can transcend this sports bra into a crop top (no judgments here). The low-cut neckline helps you breathe better between each shoulder-opening pose and gives just the right amount of coverage. This top features Athleta’s new Powervita fabric and offers light compression as you bend, stretch and flow. Plus, the strong and thick straps ensure everything stays in place. We’ll namaste to that!

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Yoga Gear: C9 Champion Run Embrace Leggings
Photo: Courtesy of C9 Champion

3. Best for Immersive Yoga: C9 Champion Embrace Run Capris ($35)

These days, you don’t need to om in empty spaces. Immersive yoga and sound-off yoga offer a whole new way to experience the transcendental practice. Get in on the immersive trend with these futuristic C9 leggings. The bright colors and reflective details help you stand out in those candlelit classes, while the strategically placed mesh along your calves keep you cool.

Yoga Gear: Manduka Superlite Eko Yoga Mat
Photo: Courtesy of Manduka

4. Best for HIIT Yoga: Manduka’s eKO SuperLite Travel Yoga Mat ($42)

Who doesn’t want to feel light as a feather and nimble as ever? Jumping from crow pose to burpees, you’ll want a yoga mat that takes you up into the clouds. This durable yoga mat is 1.5 mm thick to give your knees a break during those cat-cows, and its amazing grip lets you comfortably hang tight through side planks and headstands. The best part: It’s made with natural biodegradable material so you not only hop softly but shrink your carbon footprint, too.

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Yoga Gear: Gaiam Yoga Block
Photo: Courtesy of Gaiam

5. Best for Iyengar Yoga: Gaiam Yoga Essentials Block ($11)

In the words of many yoga instructors, “don’t be afraid to use a block!” Whether you’re flowing into warrior III or tree pose, a block is a yoga gear essential for balancing and maintaining alignment. From cork to wood, there are many types of blocks to choose from, but this Yoga Essentials Block from Gaiam is made with foam for a more comfortable flow. We also like its beveled edges so it’s easier to hold onto it from all angles. Because it’s soft, it can even be used as a bolster on your back when a blanket or pillow isn’t available for restorative poses.

Yoga Gear: Hugger Mugger Yoga Strap
Photo: Courtesy of Hugger Mugger

6. Best for Restorative Yoga: Hugger Mugger Cotton Cinch Yoga Strap ($13)

Using a strap can help make challenging binds and lengthening poses, like dancer’s pose and bird of paradise, easier to do. This cotton yoga strap is 10 feet long and sturdy, so you can use it hold poses for several breaths, allowing deeper relaxation. For a slow-moving practice, like restorative yoga, a strap can help you articulate each pose and sync it with your breath.

Yoga Gear: Hex Performance On Demand Spray
Photo: Courtesy of Hex Performance

7. Best for Any Yoga: Hex Performance On Demand+ Spray & Go ($10)

Regardless of whether you sweat buckets during yoga class, your mat can get really funky — fast. But this eco-friendly spray allows you to disinfect and remove odor from your yoga gear, including your mat, blocks and straps. Simply spray — covering all surfaces — and let dry. It’s as simple as that!

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