25 Quick and Healthy 4-Ingredient Breakfast Recipes

When you’re short on time and low on energy, the answer doesn’t have to be your local drive-through or corner mart. These quick and healthy breakfast recipes guarantee an all-star meal in just a few minutes flat. And before you say you’re out of X, Y and Z, get this: Each of these a.m. creations requires just four ingredients apiece. From nutritious green smoothies to fiber-packed frittatas, there’s something for every craving in the infographic below. Want something sweet? How about a breakfast banana split? More the savory type? Whip up a turkey bacon egg bake. When the alarm sounds, you’ll feel good about hitting the kitchen — and making home-cooked breakfasts your new healthy habit. So pull out that blender, plug in that toaster, or heat up the griddle. The choice is yours!

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25 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

25 Quick and Healthy 4-Ingredient Breakfasts


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Originally posted January 27, 2014. Updated April 2015.