The 22-Minute Workout You Need to Try Right Now

The 22-Minute Workout You Need to Try

Photo: Ryan Kelly / Daily Burn 365

Looking for a quickie workout that will leave your whole body feeling the burn? We’ve got you covered. This 22-minute workout from Daily Burn 365 trainer Prince Braithwaite will work you from your biceps to your booty. Even better: Combined with a warm-up and cool down, you’ll be in and out of your sweat session in less than 30 minutes flat. We’re pretty sure everybody’s got time for that!

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The 22-Minute Total-Body Workout

The 22-Minute Workout You Need to Try Right Now

Circuit 1

Repeat 3X, rest 15 sec between moves

Jumping jacks (20 sec): Do full jumping jacks for 20 seconds. For a lower-impact version, step out with one foot at a time as you raise and lower your arms.

Quick feet (20 sec): Run in place, moving your feet as quickly as possible, for 20 seconds. Pump your arms as you go.

Air slams (20 sec): Imagine you’re holding a ball and raise your arms overhead. Then squat down as you pretend to slam the ball towards the ground. Keep your torso upright and back straight throughout. Repeat.

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Circuit 2

Repeat 1X, rest 15 sec between moves

Squat to deadlift (60 sec): Perform a squat then return to standing. Hinge forward from your hips, keeping your legs straight and back flat. As you hinge, squeeze between your shoulder blades to raise your arms out to your sides. Lower your arms, return to standing, and repeat.

Lunges (60 sec): Perform forward lunges on alternating legs. Your hands can be at your hips, or you can extend your arms straight up into the air.

Push-up reach (60 sec): Start in a full plank position then lower your body down to the floor. Extend your arms forward, keeping your core engaged, then pull them back under your shoulders. Return to plank position. To modify, lower your knees to the ground as you raise and lower your body.

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Circuit 3

Repeat 3X, rest 15 sec between intervals

Criss-cross jacks (20 sec): Instead of regular jumping jacks, criss-cross your arms (keeping them in front of your chest) and legs as you go. For a low-impact version, step instead of jump.

High knees (20 sec): Jog in place bringing your knees up to your chest as you go. For a low-impact version, step in place while bringing your knees up.

Half burpees (20 sec): Start in a standing position, then walk your hands into plank position. From plank position, walk your feet towards your hands, then come up into a low squat position. Plant hands on the floor, then walk feet back into plank position and repeat.

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Circuit 4

Repeat 1X, rest 15 sec between moves

Single-leg glute bridges (60 sec): Lie flat on your back, arms planted on the floor. Lift one leg, extending it straight, then engage your glutes to raise your butt off the ground. Lower back down to the floor, switch legs and repeat.

Crawl to shoulder tap (60 sec): Start in standing position. Walk your hands out until you’re in plank position. Tap your right shoulder with your left hand, and then tap your left shoulder with your right hand, keeping your torso as still as possible. Walk your feet back to your hands, and return to standing position, repeat. 

Push planks (60 sec): Get into a plank position on your hands, then lower one forearm, then the other, so you’re in a forearm plank. Continue to alternate between forearm plank and full plank. To modify, keep your knees on the ground.

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Circuit 5: Ab Series

Repeat 1X, rest 15 sec between moves

Crunches (30 sec): Perform standard crunches for 30 seconds.

Crunch hold (30 sec): Hold your crunch, with shoulders off the ground and core engaged, for 30 seconds.

Russian twists (30 sec): Begin in a seated position, feet planted on the ground in front of you, knees bent. Clasp your hands in front of your torso. Raise your feet a few inches of the ground then pivot your torso to touch your hands to the ground on the right, then left, switching sides. Too tough? Keep feet planted on the ground as you twist.

Side plank (30 sec each side): Hold a forearm side plank, switching sides after 30 seconds. To modify, lower your bottom knee to the ground.

Swimmers (30 sec): Lie flat on your stomach, arms and legs extended. Squeeze your glutes and back muscles to pull your arms and legs off the ground, paddling your limbs in a swimming motion. Keep your gaze focused towards the ground throughout.