8 Healthy Brunch Cocktails That Won’t Ruin Your Summer Diet

8 Brunch Cocktails That Won’t Ruin Your Summer Diet

As far as “healthy” alcoholic drinks go, a glass of sparkling wine is about as good as it gets. You’ll clock just 90 calories per flute. But toss in some OJ to make it a mimosa — not to mention unlimited rounds like many restaurants offer — and you can easily rack up more than 600 calories from brunch cocktails, before you even take a bite. Yikes.

Don’t worry, though. That doesn’t mean you have to give up drinking all together. Just indulge in these low-calorie cocktail recipes instead. They add a flavorful punch so you satisfy your boozy brunchin’ needs in just one round. (And we can almost guarantee your guests will love them!) Because who doesn’t want to leave room for another slice of breakfast pizza?

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8 Boozy Brunch Cocktails You’ll Love

Brunch Cocktails: Strawberry Limoncello Spritzers

1. Strawberry Limoncello Spritzers

Think of this fizzy sip as mimosa’s stronger sister! To make it at home, top off a glass of bubbly (stick with a dry bottle, labeled as brut, for less sugar) with berries and a splash of limoncello. Since the citrus liqueur has a vodka base, all you need is one flute to turn up the fun. Photo and recipe: Erin Indahl-Fink / Delightful E Made

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Brunch Cocktails: Blood Orange Champagne Punch Recipe

2. Blood Orange Champagne Punch

Stick to real, freshly-squeezed juice instead of grabbing a bottle. (Most packaged juices contain lots of added sugar.) This fruity vodka and sparkling wine drink gets a sweet upgrade with honey simple syrup. Add just enough to balance out the tartness of the blood orange and it’ll keep the calories in check. Photo and recipe: Serena Wolf / Domesticate Me

Brunch Cocktails: Detox Bloody Mary Recipe

3. Detox Bloody Mary

Many Bloody Mary mixes start with a tomato juice base, but this gazpacho-in-a-glass centers around canned diced tomatoes for extra fiber. Mocktail fans can follow the recipe as-is, and those craving a bit more spirit can spike their glasses with vodka or gin. Whichever option you choose, don’t skip the Old Bay seasoning on the rim! Photo and recipe: Sonja and Alex Overhiser / A Couple Cooks 

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Brunch Cocktails: Giggly Rose Cocktail Recipe

4. Giggly Rose Cocktail

For a brunch cocktail that looks as incredible as it tastes, garnish with edible flowers. Roses are a fitting finish for a glass of rose syrup-sweetened bubbly. A shot of gin cranks up the refreshing botanical beverage even more. Photo and recipe: Paige Boersma / Studio Bicyclette

Brunch Cocktails: Skinny Orange Peach Sparkler Recipe

5. Skinny Orange Peach Sparkler

Consider this a mix between a margarita and a screwdriver — and a new combo you’ll want to continue making. Stir tequila and fresh orange juice into sparkling water to make each ounce satisfying — and slim. Photo and recipe: Alyssa / My Sequined Life

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Brunch Cocktails: Strawberry Basil Mimosa Recipe

6. Strawberry Basil Mimosa

Adorn your mimosa with fresh herbs, like vitamin K-rich basil, for a lot of flavor, but very few extra calories. Other fruit and herb pairings to spice up your cocktails: lemon and rosemary, peaches and mint or rhubarb and ginger. Photo and recipe: Laurel Stavros / A Bubbly Life

Brunch Cocktails: Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis Recipe

7. Raspberry Sorbet Bellinis

Rather than selecting dessert and a drink, combine both in one package with this bellini recipe. Seek out a sorbet with all-natural ingredients and as little added sugar as possible to make this sparkling sip a sensible indulgence. Photo and recipe: Danae Halliday / Recipe Runner

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Brunch Cocktails: Peach Bellinis Recipe

8. Peach Bellinis

With peach schnapps, frozen peaches and sparkling wine, this slushy cocktail tastes like summer in a glass! Since peaches pack plenty of natural sweetness (not to mention fiber, vitamin C and potassium), skip the added sugar to make this brunch bevvy even skinnier. Photo and recipe: Stephanie Day / Eat Drink Love

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