9 Pint-Sized Fitness Finds for Healthy Travel

Healthy Travel Fitness Finds
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If fitness falls off your radar each holiday season as quickly as you can say “pumpkin spice latte,” we feel your pain. Throw travel in the mix, and suddenly you’re out of tune with your normal healthy routine. Maybe your schedule and eating habits get thrown off, or you’re without access to a workout space. Basically, the struggle can be real.

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Thankfully, you can stay fit on the fly with a few key items, even in the midst of holiday pies, airport fast food or Mom’s best chili recipe. Whether you’re headed for a quick weekend getaway, business trip or long family vacation, take one (or all!) of these nine items to keep your health — and happiness — well within reach. Plus, they’ll all fit in your carry-on (no checked bag fees!).

9 Packing Must-Haves to Stay Fit on the Road

Incase EO Roller Pint-Sized Fitness Finds1. Incase EO Roller
In order to make the most of your time away, you’re gonna need to start with a suitcase that puts your gear in order — right from “GO.” Meet the Incase EO Roller, a sporty-looking, carry-on roller has compartments for literally everything: your laptop (up to a 17-inch Macbook Pro — perfect for streaming your 365 workouts), sneakers and workout clothes, with an expandable zipper in case you bring home an extra item or two from your trip — or that killer race expo. ($300, incase.com)

Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Triggerpoint MBX Ball2. Trigger Point MBX Massage Ball

Want a massage but not interested in burning a hole in your wallet? Plus, after a long plane or car ride, you’ll likely feel pretty creaky and in need of a rubdown. And while the MBX Massage Ball is small, it provides huge relief as it replicates the pressure a massage therapist’s elbow. It’s a good kind of ouch. To use it, simply lie on the floor or press your back against a wall, press firmly, and release any tightness you may have. Need some tension taming techniques? Try these. ($20, tptherapy.com)

Travel SKLZ Training Cable3. SKLZ Training Cable (Medium)

Add a little resistance to your workout without using — or worse, packing — dumbbells. (Could you imagine carrying five-pound hand weights in your suitcase?) The Training Cable by SKLZ (Medium) resistance level can change between 10 and 100 pounds, so even the swollest vacationer can get in a strength training circuit. But since it’s just a band, you won’t notice it’s even in your suitcase at all. ($13, sklz.com)

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Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Magic Bullet 4. Magic Bullet

Smoothie fans, this one’s for you. Now you can keep sipping your concoctions (like these delicious green ones). The Magic Bullet might be small, but it’s a powerful portable blender that can keep your eating habits in check. Make a smoothie or simple juice before you start the day to keep your metabolism going all day long. At just a few pounds, it won’t weigh your luggage down and it’s small enough to throw in your bag. ($40, getmagicbullet.com)

Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Portable Kettlebells5. Portable Kettlebell Kit

Kettlebell training (like our own DBK program) is a time-efficient way to work out, as it combines elements of both strength training and cardio. And while you may think we’re crazy for suggesting it as a travel-friendly way to work out, meet the Kettlebells and Bags Portable Kettlebell Kits. Now, you can swing, snatch and press when on the road; just fill the ‘bells with water ‘til they reach your desired weight. Empty the pouch when you’re ready to head home, fold it up, and throw it back in your bag. ($45 to $90, kettlebellsandbags.com)

Pint-Sized Fitness Finds FluWar Wipes6. FluWars

There are tons of germs you can catch on a plane, and no one wants the sniffles on vacay. Stay in tip-top shape by stashing individual FluWar Antibacterial Wipes in your bag. The alcohol-free, anti-bacterial product cleans hands, surfaces, tray tables and anything else you come in contact with on the road (or in the air) within seconds. They’re even sensitive enough to wash your face with — no breakouts guaranteed. ($25 for 8, fluwar.com)

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Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Travel Jump Rope7. Crossrope Burn Set

All you need is just a little bit of space to implement the ultimate on-the-go cardio tool, the Crossrope Burn Set. In this kit, you’ll receive two handles plus a four-ounce agility cable and a one-pound intensity cable, giving you the option to jump fast and furious or slower and steadier. Alternate your speed and jump style to create an interval-based workout that takes 15 minutes or less. Find even more quick and on-the-go workouts with the free corresponding app. ($70, crossrope.com)

Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Travel Yoga Mat8. Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat

Whether you’re doing 365, Yoga Made Simple or heading to a local yoga studio, bring your own mat with you to keep your practice clean. The Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat is extremely lightweight — coming in under two pounds — and folds up like a dream to fit into any suitcase. Made from biodegradable materials, this eco-friendly find grips well to hard or carpeted surfaces — even with a bit of perspiration. ($40, manduka.com)

Pint-Sized Fitness Finds Travel Gym Gear Bag9. Flight 001 Gym Gear Bag

Got stinky gym clothes? Pick up the Flight 001 Gym Gear Bag. Portable, packable and cheerily orange, this tote has a drawstring closure to keep all the contents inside, plus a zip-carrying pouch for important essentials (or those reflective arm warmers you don’t want to go in with the rest of your laundry). It can also double as an extra bag on your way back if you happen to pick up a few souvenirs or something special — just saying. ($30, flight001.com)

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