Stressed Out? 45 Resources to Help You Relax, Stat

Stressed Out? 45 Resources to Help You Relax, Stat

Your palms are sweaty, your heart is racing, your head is pounding and your mind is going 100 mph. Everyone has had this all-too-familiar feeling of being stressed. That’s why we’ve put together your ultimate guide to squashing stress — when it hits you hard. If you start incorporating meditation, self-care and fika (that’s Swedish for coffee break) into your day, we can almost guarantee you’ll de-stress. Plus, you’ll become a whole lot happier, too. And science concurs! 

45 Ways to De-Stress, Starting Now

Resources to De-Stress: How to Meditate Anytime, Anywhere
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How to Meditate Anytime, Anywhere

When you’re worried about an impending exam or big presentation at work, a little introspection can lend clarity and focus. Meditation has been shown to increase awareness around your thoughts, release tension in your body, and reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some simple meditations you can do to get started.

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Resources to De-Stress: How to De-Stress in 10 Minutes or Less
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How to De-Stress in 10 Minutes or Less

Reserving even just a few minutes for yourself can go a long way. Start your day with 10 minutes of yoga, go for a walk in the park during your lunch break, or take a soothing bath as your nightcap. And if those don’t work for you, we rounded up tips from the top trainers and mental health experts on how they unwind.

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Resources to De-Stress: How to Not Sweat the Small Stuff
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How to Stop Sweating the Small Stuff

Wish your days could be more productive? Bring some organization to your life to help tame the chaos. From bullet journaling to single tasking, here are some easy ways to start getting stuff done.

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Resources to De-Stress: How to Get Your Hygee and Fika On
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How to Take a Hygge and Fika Coffee Break

The Scandinavians have de-stressing down to a science — and an art. It’s no wonder that they’re the happiest people on Earth. Hygge (the Danish art of coziness) and fika (the Swedish custom of coffee breaks) are two traditions that are catching on around the globe. Both customs involve relaxation, indulgence and togetherness. And, what better way to take part in the trend than by enjoying a soothing lavender-infused cold brew or a banana-almond smoothie? Do as the Scandinavians do, take a break and sip to good health.

Hygge, Fika and How Getting Cozy Can Make You Happier

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Resources to De-Stress: How to Actually Get More Sleep
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How to Actually Get More Sleep

If you’re really stressed out, sometimes the best solution is to get some sound sleep. All the stages of snoozing, including non-REM and REM, are important for cognitive function, preserving memories and refreshing your brain. In fact, research shows that poor sleep can make people even more stressed, unhappy and angry. If you’re already in the throes of losing zzz’s every night, squeezing in a 10-minute nap can also help. 

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Resources to De-Stress: How to Bring Zen Into Your Home
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How to Bring Zen Into Your Home

According to many feng shui experts, your home is a direct reflection of your life. So if you’re feeling extremely stressed and beyond exhausted, don’t let it continue to pile on. Look around your home for some fixes. Remove the clutter (like those T-shirts and tote bags you’ll never use) and fill your drawers with only the things you actually need. Above all else, decorate your space with what makes you happy and generates positive energy. What you see is what you get.

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