11 Delicious Super Bowl Snacks (That Are Secretly Healthy)

11 Delicious Super Bowl Snacks (That Are Secretly Healthy)

After Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is the second biggest day of the year for eating in the United States. Americans consume 30 million pounds of snacks during the big game, according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Many of those are processed chips and frozen apps that are teeming with calories. Even if you nosh on homemade fare, the usual suspects are often oozing with cheese and fattening condiments like mayo and sour cream. Whip up some of these healthier recipes instead for the big game. They’re lightened-up versions of some of your favorite dishes, packing all the flavor but slashing the fat and calories. Game on!

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11 Winning Super Bowl Snacks

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Chipotle Stuffed Sweet Potato Recipe

1. Chipotle Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Nothing says game day feast like loaded potato skins. Lighten up your celebration this year by using sweet potatoes and black beans instead of white potatoes and bacon. A drizzle of creamy chipotle sauce makes this appetizer next-level amazing! Photo and recipe: Alexa Schirm / Life by Daily Burn 

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Dates in Blanket Recipe

2. Dates in a Blanket

Even if there aren’t vegans attending your party for the big game, this fun take on pigs in a blanket will be a hit with everyone. You’ll swap out mini dogs for fiber-filled dates and add a few ingredients like nutritional yeast and garlic to get a tang that’s surprisingly close to the original. Plus, you’ll save about 20 calories per “pig.” Photo and recipe: Molly / Quiche A Week

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Turkey Chili Recipe

3. Healthy Turkey Chili

Lean turkey and great northern beans provide the base for this low-fat take on traditional chili (which can get greasy). The warmth from a bowl of this — not to mention the protein and fiber — will fill you up and keep you from mindlessly munching. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn

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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Beet Hummus Recipe

4. Beet Hummus

Hummus is already a healthier, protein-packed alternative to creamy dips. Skip the processed options and whip up your own in minutes with this simple recipe. It takes traditional chickpeas and tahini and adds the ruby-colored root vegetable for antioxidants, plus potassium and vitamin C. Photo and recipe: Renee Blair / Life by Daily Burn 

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

5. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Wings

It’s easy to snack on a plateful of wings, but the nasties add up quickly: The popular bar snack is traditionally fried and doused in butter. Try making this lighter option, which are broiled and butter-free to shave half the fat. Dip them in low-fat blue cheese dressing to trim a few more calories from the original version. Photo and recipe: Gina / Skinnytaste 

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Beet Chips Recipe

6. Rosemary Beet Chips

Reach for these instead of potato chips during half time. Beet chips are surprisingly easy to make, and they satisfy that hanking for something crunchy and salty. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn 

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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Oven-Fried Chicken Recipe

7. Crispy Oven “Fried” Chicken

Baking your birds in the oven gives it the traditional crunchy texture you crave, while slashing fat and calories. A two-piece serving has just seven grams of fat! Even better: Chicken provides protein to help you stay full, so you don’t feel like munching all the way ’til the final whistle. Photo and recipe: Carmen Sturdy / Life by Daily Burn

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Quinoa Nachos Recipe

8. Quinoa Nachos

Nacho team’s best quarter? Chow down on these chips topped with quinoa and optional black beans, which will both help keep you full. Translation: Less tempted to binge on other fare throughout the game. The cilantro and lime give a nice tangy twist, plus your heart will thank you for having feta instead of chedda’. Photo and recipe: Lee Hersh / Fit Foodie Finds

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Cranberry Chicken Meatballs Recipe

9. Cranberry Chicken Meatballs

Meatballs might seem innocent because they’re so small — but don’t let their size deceive you. Eat several and the fat and cals stack up. These alternatives are made with lean ground chicken and the antioxidant-packed homemade cranberry sauce gives an additional pop while letting you sidestep the added sugar of processed tomato sauces. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn 

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Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Five Layer Dip Recipe

10. Healthy Five-Layer Dip

It’s hard not to revisit this Mexican-inspired five-layer fiesta! But you can do that and not feel guilty about it with this good-for-you recipe full of fresh ingredients. You’ll get some healthy fats from the avocado and satiating fiber from the black beans and corn. And substituting low-fat Greek yogurt for the usual sour cream layer slashes cals like crazy. Photo and recipe: Perry Santanachote / Life by Daily Burn 

Healthy Super Bowl Snacks: Brie Sirloin Sliders Recipe

11. Brie Sirloin Sliders

There’s no such thing as a Super Bowl party without some tasty sliders. These decadent brie and sirloin mini burgers feature lean cut beef that’s seasoned in flavorful herbs. Brie is a soft, creamy French cheese, but this recipe gets even smoother with an flavorful avocado spread. You might be thinking, “How is this healthy?” Well, thanks to Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery’s The Ketogenic Bible, which is where this recipe is from, you can actually lose weight following a high-fat diet. Research shows that high-fat foods induce ketosis so your body starts generating energy from fat rather than carbohydrates. We’ll eat to that! Photo: Courtesy of Victory Belt Publishing; Recipe: Dr. Jacob Wilson and Ryan Lowery

Originally posted January 2015. Updated February 2017.