Introducing the Beginner Jump Rope Challenge

Looking for a low-impact, fun, and effective way to level up your cardio and work your entire body in less time? Take the Beginner Jump Rope Challenge for a total-body burn that will take your agility, balance, and coordination to new heights.

Introducing Daily Burn Strength + Power!

Welcome to Strength + Power, a 12-week program systematically designed to build your functional strength and power so you feel great in everyday life! At the end of this three-phase progressive program, you can expect not only stronger muscles, but enhanced balance, flexibility, and mobility.

Introducing the Quick HIITs Challenge

Finish summer strong with the Daily Burn Quick HIITs Challenge! Ten days, ten workouts, all ten minutes or less. Whether you’re squeezing out the last few weeks of summer fun or gearing up for fall, you can complete this challenge and crush your goals. Grab your challenge card below and share your progress to earn serious DB street cred.

Announcing the Upper Body Challenge!

Announcing the Upper Body Challenge!

Give The Rock a run for his money with our new challenge! Take the Upper Body Challenge and earn bragging rights to go with your seriously sculpted muscles! This four-week challenge will work your entire upper body – arms, back, chest, and even your core – as you level up in your strength and mobility. […]

Introducing LIT: Low Impact Training

Build strength and break a sweat while keeping it gentle on the joints with LIT: Low Impact Training. From HIIT to kickboxing to endurance, LIT will make you work because low impact does not mean low intensity! These workouts pass on the plyometrics in favor of low impact movement that will help reduce injury risk. […]